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AP1 Sketch Book March


I had a second session with Ana and I’ve been trying different ways of reading the words, trying to take a pause, so this will help make editing easier. I’ve also been learning how to use reaper, to over lay, clean or distort tracks, this enabled me to see the potential sound could add and how you can use soft wear to layer sound.

I’ve booked another session where I’m going to record the final track.

Having sound with either my sculptures or prints adds another level of accessibility to my art, if you can’t, see it you can touch or hear it.

There is also something very powerful and emotive when you hear the words whilst looking at the work.

Forging metal skills session

I forged a tool that I could use for printmaking, during this processes I gained a better understanding of Irons strengths and weaknesses, and was fascinated by how fragile and prone to braking it becomes when hot.

Above image Forging metal

It was a challenging process but one I would like to explore further, in future I would wear my back and wrist supports so I’m in control of the tools not the other way around.

Since trying it I’ve been researching this process and now I have an understanding of the process I would like to combine this with fibrecem to make a sculpture so I will book a 1-2-1 with Alex, he has also said I can make a full set of printmaking tools.

Silkscreen on Perspex

Whilst waiting for more inks and the etching bath to arrive I decided to carry on developing my portrait. I have cut several pieces of Perspex, using the ban saw and sanded the edges so it won’t damage the silk screens during printing and so they will be safe for people to touch when they are finished.

The portrait has been printed in blue on multiple pieces so it’s a fractured portrait and then I printed the negative words in orange which are transparent in comparison, once dry I re printed the negative words over the orange tex in the opposite direction but in black.

Again it has a transparent quality to it, and only the bold font stands out, this is creating and interesting look.

Above image fractured portrait Silk screened on pespex

I’m happy with how the portrait and text look and have a screen ready for the positive words, to be printed on Perspex. I will overlay these on the negative words.

I have just bought two A1 sheets of Perspex to print on with a combination of standard and Thermochromic inks.

Etching bath

It’s finally arrived, so while my screen is drying my plates are now in the acid, what a difference this has made I’ve got a nice deep etch and it’s, full of character thanks to the earlier spite bite. I will take a few prints from these plates then create a mould with the plates and make my sculpture.

Above image etched steel

University closed indefinitely

I was unable to print the A1 Perspex prints or print the positive words over the negative before the university closed, so I’m concentrating on how the work will be displayed, I’m going to embed the sheets of Perspex in to a fibrecem base, this will work ascetically and incorporates both the materials within architecture that cause me barriers and my portrait work about disability.

I was also unable to print from the 3ft printing plates or create a sculpture but I am going to see if I can make these at home. I definitely can’t make the six foot version at home but it’s now time to be adaptable.

Above image sketches for prints that would spread across and around walls and corners

Above image drawing out how i may insall the pespex and steel

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