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AP2 Sketchbook


Because of everything that I’m being influenced by at the moment, I’m thinking of making a series of publications. One on each topic -

Accessibility and the arts

We Will Not Be Removed Campaign

Disability and Isolation

Disability and Police brutality

Now that I have taken the decision to include all of them, I’m enjoying learning about each of the topics.

I joined a Disability movement this week and took part in their online campaign #WeShallNotBeRemoved disabled artists and organisations posted Art work by disabled artist to raise awareness and show the quality of art disabled Artists are making. The aim is to stop access being lost after Covid -19.


I’ve made another pyramid sculpture this one is black with yellow safety tape and ribbon in it, it is still not working the way I want it to, but I’ve realised I need to add the tape in last like I do when I add steel, this way the weight of the plaster does not force the tape into the middle of the sculpture.


I’ve spent the past few weeks improving my photoshop skills, I felt this was important, with the module being submitted online and having to produce a virtual gallery.

Because my work incorporates so much text I wanted to learn how to manipulate Text in photoshop before creatively manipulating during hand printing.


Ive been creating text images for each of my categories the more I work on it the more powerful the subjects become, it’s also making me reflect on my own life experience and as a disabled person this has not always been a good one. I’m fortunate to have encouraging parents but not everyone has that, how do you cope if all you get is negativity?

It’s been an emotional body of work to work on and it’s not over yet

Above images inspired by Disability protest slogans


I’ve been exploring different ways of exhibiting my publication, I’ve been stitching my text prints into different 3D shapes that I will then pile on top of each other, representing a mountain to climb. I plan on videoing it outside and wait for the wind to blow it down. I will then add audio over this, if I was at University I would like this to be displayed as a projection but at the moment I will have to settle for a Vimeo video.

Above image stitched silkscreen prints


I have been doing a lot of research during this module and learnt so much about the disability arts movement and for me, this period of isolation has developed my research skills and it’s been a time of reflection and education.

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