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AP2 Sketchbook end of module


My publication still seems seems to be at the experimental stage, I have just made yet another sample this is a small signature sheet book the text is printed on tracing paper and once again it is the size of a business card.

Silkscreen print on tracing paper small publication


I have been incorporating text into my mono prints and etchings. I am unsure whether these will become part of my publication or whether this will be a series of prints that relates to my publication?

Above image silkscreen prints


My publication has become a digital publication, this I could not have foreseen at the beginning of the module. I was adamant that I was going to hand make mine, but my research has developed my publication and I have learnt so much about the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Arts Movement and I want to create and educational publication, that incorporates personal experiences, Art work and historical facts.

I have had to learn Indesign to create this. Which has been good for me and I am hoping to get a physical copy published.


After many failed attempts, I finally got my silk screens to work, I adjusted the hight of the lamp and used a sheet of glass as a contact sheet.

I printed my text prints onto etchings, mono prints, silkscreen prints and tissue paper.

One print is about access and equality the other is about Disability and police brutality.

I stitched the tissue paper prints into three dimensional forms, which created a print installation,

Above image silkscreen print installation

I then filmed it. Moving the camera in, out and around the shapes. I tried this in different locations and once I was happy with the finale video I added audio to it. Trying different sounds I had recorded during Isolation, from thunderstorms, Birdsong and my words and feelings from each day. I have created two different versions, one has no sound, the peace and quite clashes with the confrontational text on the prints but it is easier to concentrate on the images. The other video is layers of positive and negative words, it starts with just the negative experience of lockdown, then all the positive experiences I have had bleed in and at times there were more positive then negatives, it finishes with positive words and a silent video of images.

When university is open I will create this into a video installation, where people feel immersed in the moving images infront of them and overwhelmed by the sounds coming from speakers from behind, to the left and right.


I have embedded a white and red cane used by people who are blind and deaf in my sculpture, representing the difficulties myself and others have navigating architecture and how these buildings designs often

Above images finished etched sculpture with disability

hinder our independence, ironically the cane gives this sculpture stability and I feel that if accessibility was thought of at the beginning buildings would be more inclusive and accessible for everyone not just disabled people.

My large sculpture has not dried so I have broken it up and thrown most of it away, keeping a few sections in the hopes I can salvage something from it.

After exploring different ways of displaying this piece I know prefer the new derelict form the sculpture has.

I have been printing text prints on perspex and rusty steel. I now have to think of ways to display them. I am thinking of creating a base out of fibrocem for the rusty steel prints and possibly using wood?

I have embedded two pieces of Perspex in cherry wood and two pieces in fibrocem. I also embedded a piece of the rusty steel in Fibrocem and decided to leave the others without bases.

Above images silkscreen print on perspex and rusty steel

My publication is complete, I sent it off to print and it arrived this morning, I am happy with my first publication, if I was to make any adjustments I would probably use gloss paper instead of silk, I think it enhances the images.

Above images finished publications

I have also created a hand made publication out of all the materials I have used and sample prints during AP1 & 2. I wanted people to have something physical and tactile to engage with, they can feel all the materials I’ve used and been inspired by.

My large sculpture is also dry.

Above image dry sculpture

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