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AP2 Sketchbook Frus

Sculpture Frustration

My large sculpture is still not dry and its taking up so much space in my studio part of me just wants to destroy it, but as the sun came out this week I have noticed it is drier than it was, and even my small sculptures have taken a long time to dry.

Silk Screen frustration

This is my second attempt and it has still not worked, is it the light, the emulsion, my photocopies?

I tried using paper photo copies because I had nothing else, then a photo copy shop opened and I got my text put on acetate but this has made no difference, I have tried varying times from short to long. Time on this module is running out. I am getting frustrated, everything I try to do requires me needing something from university or from a specialist, that’s not open. I will just have to keep experimenting.

Image of silkscreen almost there!

Sound Frustration

I have had two further sessions with Ana Rutter but unlike the last module where I felt things were going well this time I am running into problems, Reaper is making high pitched noises when I record into it, Anna suggested I use head phones but this is distorting my voice, I’ve been recording it on my phone but Reaper does not recognise this format and its now decided it won’t recognise the conversions either, it’s just another thing that’s not working.

I have been having 1-2-1 sessions with Anna every week, we have now discovered Teams is interfering with all my software, so I am unable to create the video installation that I wanted, this will have to wait until university is open. We tried re installing the software but the problems are still there. I will make it on Premier Rush, this will give people an indication of what I had in mind.

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