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Ap2 Sketchbook May Research

I decided to approach Ap2 in a more structured way then the optional module and Ap1, I started researching artists and processes instead of jumping straight into making. I’m hoping this will lead to a more cohesive body of work?

Once again I’ve been looking at Gerhard Richter but this time its not for his blurred images it’s his work on glass, I’m in awe of the scale of his work. I feel like me he experiments with many different processes, never sticking with just one style.

I’ve been looking at the work of Erica Baum, who’s work is inspired by everyday language found in old books, magazines posters etc.

Above image by Erica Baum, Image from Aperture Magazine website

The way the pages of her work overlap reminded me of my cascading words print installation, I created in AP1 where the print folds back on itself making the text run in different directions.


I’ve been creating mono prints. One because I like the results you can achieve with this process and two it’s a great process to work through ideas, what I’m finding odd is I’m creating very dark work in the most glorious sunshine, and it’s very jarring.

Above images mono prints

But despite the weather, we are in the middle of a health crisis unlike any my generation has ever experienced. Alongside this we have the Windrush scandal, where individuals who had lived in this country for decades were losing everything and being deported, this is just the start of what are very dark days ahead.

The mono type process I’ve been using is where I ink up a piece of copper, create paper stencils out of textured paper etc and place damp paper over it and place it through the etching press, the damp paper enables me to pick up more ink off the plate and get a crisp print. I’ve also been over printing, I like the depth and range of tone this gives the prints.


Whilst working on these prints I was also working through ideas in my sketch book and overlaying text on translucent paper, sketching out ideas for my sculptures and plans for my prints. This is helping me work out new shapes for my sculptures and how to achieve these.

Above images from my sketchbook


I used drawing fluid to create images on a silkscreen I over laid text until it was no longer legible, I printed these on tissue paper and 300g paper, I don’t feel the black text works its almost to distorted but the red text works and I would like to layer this over images.

Above images silk screen prints

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