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AP2 Sketchbook, Publication


I have to produce a publication for this module, so I have enrolled myself on two online book binding courses because for obvious reasons I won’t be able to physically attend one anytime soon.

So far I have learnt how to make a single sheet book, a signature sheet book and create hard back covers. I am enjoying learning how to create a handmade publication.

Above image bookbinding materials

As soon as I started making the books it helped me think of ideas for my publication and it’s also giving me ideas for my practice, I realise that text is going to be an important part of my publication and Ap2.

I like the single sheet book and I’ve now made one which has text on one side and a print on the other so when it’s all folded there is text on each page and you can open it up and discover a print inside. This book is slightly bigger than a business card, I feel people could take this away at the end of an exhibition.

Above image single sheet book

Above image signature sheet book

For the signature sheet book I used all the different papers I have worked on during Ap1 and Ap2 and all my test prints and ideas are in this. This book is a more tactile experience.

I feel I now want to take the publication in the realms of sculpture using wire and text based prints, and I want it to be translucent.


I feel that text has become the most dominant part of my practice, I’m using it to record my daily experiences and feelings, Text is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Most everyday text is not legible to me as a partially sighted person. I often guess what is written in front of me by the shapes and patterns the words create on the paper.

My new work will consist of layers of text until they blur and become a pattern, starting with standard 10 point font which is not legible to me, all the way up to large font.

I hope to turn this into a silk screen which I will layer over my mono prints and I also want to print the text onto my sculptures.

I have turned a small corner of my home studio space into a temporary dark room so I can hopefully prepare small silkscreens in there, it’s small but better than nothing and I will be restricted to the size I can create.

I’m just waiting for various products to arrive before I start.

Further Research

I’ve been looking at Adam Pendleton. Who layers Text until it becomes distorted, this is the direction I have been trying to take my prints and my publication in, I want to experiment with different ways to distort the Text.

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