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Technical Methods Week 1

During this module I’m experimenting with printmaking and the materials within architecture that cause me the most barriers as a partially sighted person, exploring their strengths and weaknesses and finding ways to combine these materials in my printmaking practice in the hopes of creating inclusive interactive work.

Week 1 copper engraving & inking

During week one I tried copper engraving a process I’ve never done before experimenting with mark making and trying out different inks.

I found aspects of this process tricky, every time I thought I had the hang of creating curves my tool would slip and a curve would suddenly have a harsh edge to it, fortunately my work has lots of geometric shapes.

I also found working on the polished, reflective surface of the copper challenging, it provided very little contrast from the engraved line, so I dulled my copper this gave me a slight contrast and made it more comfortable to work with.

Above Image created using Student Inks

I printed this plate with different inks, the student mixed ink is thick and gritty and although the prints had high contrast in them, this ink did not pick up the fine detail in the plate.

The Intaglio brand ink is smooth so picked up the finer details.

Above image created using Intaglio brand ink

On this test plate I prefer the high contrast the student mixed ink provided,

After each print I added more marks to this plate, slightly altering it each time, this was a good way to understand the marks the different tools made.

I admire artists who achieve great precision with this process like Dürer.

I’m not sure if this processes is for me but I’m not ready to give up on it yet.


Rusty prints

I’m interested in how rusting steel causes concrete cancer and can lead to derelict structures. This interest developed this summer during my residency in Canada, where I kept finding immense structures that were crumbling,

Above image section of a derilict bridge my inspiration in Canada

I now want to see if I can print with rusty steel and etch on it.

I’ve had pieces of steel rusting in different areas of my garden, they each have different patterns depending on how much shade they get.

Image above and below rusty steel

I printed two of them at the end of this week but for me the prints were to faint so I will leave them outside for a few more weeks.

Below image is the disapointing results from the rusty prints

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