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Technical Methods Week 4

Dry point course

I contacted artist Gemma Gunning who creates etchings and Dry point's inspired by derelict buildings, her work can look like a sketch with the intensity of a print.

I attended her experimental Dry point course at Spike Island Bristol in the hope of learning some of these skills. I’ve done Dry point before but I was looking for ways to be more experimental, create a wider range of marks and tone in my work and free up my dry point style because I felt it was very rigid and lacked fluid marks.

On the course I created prints using Dry point card and plastic, testing out ways of making marks using sandpaper, Brillo pads etc as well as traditional tools like roulettes and scribes.

Above image Dry point using Dry point card

Once I had created my image and printed a few copies I then over printed my work, I really like this effect and had forgotten about this technique.

Above image over printed dry point, using card

That’s the great thing about this module I’m learning new things but also reminding my self of techniques I haven’t done in a long time.

I also experimented with different ways to create the effect of water and different ways to distress my prints, using things like white spirit.

Above image Dry point using plastic and white spirit

I preferred working on the dry point card and felt it gave me a mixture of collagraph and dry point techniques all on one plate but found the plastic took the subtle marks better but if I had a choice I would use copper. I like the weight and once again I think it becomes a piece of art in itself..

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