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Technical Methods Week 8

Etching Hard ground

I cut geometric shapes in tape to mask off areas on the front of my plate, I rolled thin layers of warm hard ground on my plates until I had a nice thin coat. (the ground is made of wax and Bitumen) after they had cooled, I took the tape off the front so the Nitric acid would eat into the un protected areas, I put them all in the acid and checked them at 10 min, agitated them and left them for a further 15 min

I also etched my Zinc plates for 30 min

Above image a steel plate with hard ground, this will be printed at a later date

Stone lithograph

I sprayed the stone with water, put course carbourandom and Daz and ground it in circular motions I did this three times with each type of carbourandom then rinsed. I’m currently working on a design for my stone and researching the materials I can use for mark making.

Above image two litho lime stones that I've been grinding

I've been looking at the work of artist Toulouse Lautrec, who created large scale lithographs used as advertisement in France, I'm impressed by the scale and vibrancy of his work, its even more impressive when you see it in a gallery.

Above image Henri de Toulouse - Lautrec four colour Lithograph , Divan Japonais 1892-93

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